Proclaiming the Word of God requires preparation. The resources provided on this page are web based and valuable resources to assist Readers in their preparation. To access the resources, click on the heading of any paragraph below.

The readings for a given Sunday, weekday or holyday are available at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) website.

The Scripture Readings

The First Sunday of Advent - December 2, 2018 begins the use of Cycle C of the three year cycle of Readings for Sundays of the Liturgical Year. The weekday cycle is Year I of the 2 year cycle for weekdays.
The full texts of the readings from the Roman Catholic Lectionary for Mass - based on the Revised New American Bible - are available in both written and spoken form from the official website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bisops (USCCB).
Click on "The Scripture Readings" above for access to the USCCB website. Once there, click on the date of the calendar for the readings for that day.

Lector's Notes

The Lector's Note Website. A close look at Upcoming Sunday Readings, Focusing on the Lector's Proclamation. Lector's Notes try to serve the Church by helping lectors prepare to proclaim the Scriptures in our Sunday assemblies.
For each day's first and second readings (and occasionally for the gospel), the Notes give the historical and theological background, plus suggestions on oral interpretation.
Most people in a Sunday assembly hear the Word of God only in that formal setting. Their only regular exposure to Scripture is from the lips of the lector and the preacher there. That lays a heavy responsibility on the lector; these notes aim to help you fulfill that responsibility. And if the Notes help a lector sound prepared, earnest and competent, they'll help the congregation decide to take the Scripture's lessons more seriously.

Daily Reflections

Reflections on the Readings for any day produced by the staff and administrators of Creighton University.

Sunday Website

Reflections and resources from The Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University

Lector Works

A series of thoughts about the Lectionary readings of the day, as an oral proclamation within the church's public prayer, and how the writer would want to have them declared and received effectively.
Three elements are always identified: the climax of the reading, the contact point of the reading with our assembly and one special challenge the reading poses for the seasoned lector. At the end of each week's readings, a brief reflection on the transition from the Table of the Word to the Table of the Eucharist.

Lector Proclaiming Tips

Lector advice by Denise C. Thompson.